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Reach both passive and active job seekers with our automated

Programmatic Job Advertising platform.

Why Programmatic Job Advertising?

It is the BEST way to find a new team member


Get higher ROI

Get higher Return on Investment on your job advertisement (by taking advantage of Programmatic Advertising, you will reduce your overall media spend and optimize your recruitment budget)


Always stay CURRENT

Always stay current (by receiving instant access in real time to how your job ads are performing from any device)


You are in CONTROL

You are in control (by having the ability to evenly distribute your overall job ad budget by pausing better producing job ads and directing the remaining balance to slow producing job ad)

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What Does TalentAds Offer?

3 reasons why you should choose us!

Better Quality Candidates

Better Quality Candidates

TalentAds helps find and attract quality candidates to your most difficult-to-fill job vacancies with its advanced targeting



Thanks to its simple, easy-to-use interface, you may focus on your recruitment process rather than optimizing your job advertising

15-40% Lower Costs

Up to 30% Lower Costs

Leveraging the advantage of programmatic advertising such as real-time-bidding and better targeting options, TalentsAds may ultimately reduce your cost-per-hire

Do you want to reach better applicants faster?

We Have the Solution!

And, we think you'll like the results.