Frequently Asked Questions

TalentAds is a Big Data driven automated job advertising platform in which programmatic ad buying, artificial intelligence and all the major ad networks and social media channels are accessed. Moreover, all of the job ads are optimized by an automated A/B testing process, meaning the ad with better conversion rate gets to be published online.

All this effort is aimed at getting the best results by reaching the higher quality talent who are either passive job seekers or do not use specific job boards. While job board advertising might reach the masses, TalentAds can reach better suited candidates by highly-targeted ads on Google, social media sites and job aggregators.

Private Beta version of TalentAds was released in May 2018.

For now, we offer only English language for your ads which we can advertise in the US. Our services will be available in Canada and the UK very soon.

TalentAds makes use of Artificial Intelligence to determine which advertising formats and media combinations work best together. As a result, TalentAds can utilize this information to improve not only this job ad, but also all related future job ads.

Programmatic advertising is the algorithmic purchase of advertising space in real time. During this process, software is used to automate the buying, placement, and optimization of media inventory via an instant bidding system. Automating this process means that it doesn’t rely on humans, manual insertions and manual trading. Same thing can be used for job advertising too. Once a user enters his/her job details into TalentAds, the system automatically picks the best performing media channels to reach quality candidates.

Programmatic marketing is a way to target what types of audience you wish show your advertising to. As with paid search you can also limit the scheduling of the ads to specific times of the day and preferred frequency. You can also select the publishers for your ads. This way you are only paying for highly effective ads, delivered to the right people at the right time. It’s a change from traditional ad buying because there are less limitations and no contracts.

Similarly, recruitment marketing applies online marketing techniques to create data-driven, dynamic, intelligent job advertising to attract and engage the world’s best talent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You’ll need to have an account if you would like to start a job ad.

When you create an account with TalentAds, your company or the company you work for will be the 'owner' of this account. After creating an account, you may add other users and assign roles to those users. Or simply, you can export the statistics and applicants as excel or pdf files.

You can adjust your profile settings by logging into your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

TalentAds’ proprietary algorithm defines the best settings based on the input you provide, such as job title, skills and keywords. As a result, it is not possible to add preferences afterwards.

No, we advertise your job ad on our own pages.

No, we always give your job ad a landing page.

To shorten your job ad duration, you can simply click '’pause’' or ‘’stop’’ on your dashboard.

Stopping an already running job ad is possible. Once you stop your job ad the remainder of your budget is transferred to your account balance to be used for other current job ads and/or job ads in the future.

Yes, you can by simply pausing and adding more budget to your job ad.

You can see them after your job ad goes live.

No, you can't. Our automated job ad creation process does all the work for you and tests every job ad through A/B testing.

Our programmatic advertising technology takes care of setting up ads, identifying and targeting segments, optimizing and determining what to bid for placing an ad. Therefore, the amount of spent advertising budget varies per ad.

If you wish to see how your job ads are performing, you can do in real-time so on your dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our minimum pricing per job ad is $50. You pay per click, no subscription required.

You can pay for your job ads by credit card or PayPal before your job ad goes live.

If you are the owner of an account, you can define rights within your team. So, you have full control over who can actually post jobs and execute payments and who can only view dashboard.

You can only pay in US Dollar

No wire transfers or cash payments are accepted. All payments must be made via the online by credit card.

Stopping an already running job ad is possible, but we do not refund any budgets. Once a job ad is posted, it will be spread across multiple paid channels on the internet, which makes a withdrawal from this ad post impossible. Nevertheless, you may wish to stop an already running job ad, but we do not refund any budgets. To shorten the duration of a job ad, you can “pause” your ad in question on your dashboard and the remaining budget of your ad stays in your account to be used for either currently running or future job ads.

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